Why Toronto is the Perfect Location for a Sports Bar

One city that has really been making its mark in the sports industry over the past couple of years is Toronto. With their winning teams, trendy catch phrases, and major tourist traffic, Toronto is taking North America by storm. The city has a long sports tradition and is the only city in Canada to have a pro team in nearly every single sport. And of course, with massive team followings and plenty of die-hard fans, it makes Toronto the perfect location for a sports bar.


It was not even five years ago that people only associated Toronto with the Maple Leafs, the city’s well known hockey team. But how quickly that have changed! Even the Leafs are having a resurgence, thanks to young sensations Auston Matthews, Mitch Marner, and head coach Mike Babcock.

First, the city’s football team, the Argonauts, went on to take home the Grey Cup in 2013. Then each of the city’s major teams, the Blue Jays, the Raptors, and the Toronto FC soccer league, all started making exciting post-season appearances.

This has given the city a big shift in comradery and crowd-cheering support. With everyone wanting to get in on the action, local bars and establishments have been filling up every time a game hits the TV.

We the North

In 2014 the Toronto Raptors launched a marketing campaign called #WeTheNorth, to celebrate being the only NBA team in Canada. The world-renowned rap artist Drake, who was named the team’s global ambassador, was heavily involved in promoting the campaign.

With the catch phrase “We the North” trending, and Drake’s own “The 6” tagline gaining popularity worldwide, Toronto finally got some major momentum and international publicity.

In the Heart of the Action

If you stand downtown during any of the game days, you just might get run over by a herd of team jersey’s flocking toward the stadiums. That is because all of Toronto’s sports stadiums are located right in the downtown core and are easily accessible by public transit. The Air Canada Centre and Rogers Centre are conveniently located right downtown by the CN tower, a major tourist attraction. And the BMO field is just inside the popular Exhibition Place.

With a huge influx of tourists taking in the games, tickets are even hard to come by these days. Instead of waiting in line or paying those high prices, you can take in all the action instead at your favourite sports bar surround by the crowd-cheering environment that we all love.

Let’s face it – Toronto has some very successful teams right now. The games are packed and tickets are sparse, making Toronto a perfect place to catch the action in a sports bar.

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