Why Tacos Are the Perfect Food

A taco is like a blank canvas – you can add just about anything to it and it works! You can get creative and combine a huge variety of ingredients in various ways to create that perfect combination to tingle your taste buds. That’s why here at Rally’s Sports Bar & Smokehouse, we’ve made it one of our staple features. It’s the go-to choice for just about any occasion and crowd. If you’ve got some guests to feed, or are simply looking for the perfect food to suit your family, here are just a few reasons why we think tacos are the perfect food, for any occasion!

They let you get creative

Tacos let you really get creative with them! You can mix a variety of different ingredients to create so many unique versions – the options are endless! Whether savoury or even sweet – you can get crazy with your favourite toppings and find the perfect combo for you!

They’re a fun food!

Tacos are fun to eat! No other food can really pair with the word “fun” quite like a good taco. If you’re hosting a house party or family dinner at home, you can set up a taco bar and have your guests build their own!

They suit any occasion

Tacos are so versatile that they really can be dressed up or down. They suit just about any occasion. Whether fancy or casual, they’re the food that you can count on to appease any vibe and occasion.

They’re the perfect finger food

What’s better than being able to conveniently pick up your food and eat it with your hands? We all secretly love it, and when you’ve got guests, it makes the perfect finger food that’s easy to hold on to.

Aside from them tasting downright delicious, they’re the perfect food that can suit just about anywhere. Fancy, casual, and easy to hold – there’s just so much to love about tortillas smothered in goodness.

And at Rally’s Sports Bar & Smokehouse, we recognize all that makes tacos so perfect. That’s why we’ve designated every Wednesday as Taco Night Wednesday with tacos at half the price with the purchase of a beverage! We’ve prepared ours in three mouth-watering ways for you:

Chicken Tacowith our hickory smoked chicken topped with carrot mango slaw & green curry.

Tuna Tacowith pepper crusted Ahi Tuna, julienne cucumber, mango and jicama slaw topped with cilantro pesto sauce.

Fish Taco – with panko crusted cod, pico de gallo and tequila jalapeno lime sauce on a soft tortilla.

Come out to Rally’s every Wednesday after 5pm to get your fill of that sweet taco perfection!

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