What’s Your Favourite Beer?

If one thing’s for certain, it’s that Torontonians love their beer. Whether you’re out watching a game, catching up with friends, or spending time with family, beer is often in the equation and a must-have beverage. It’s crisp, refreshing, smooth, and easily paired with any meal – it’s no wonder it’s the most widely consumed alcoholic drink in the world. So, what’s your favourite beer? We’ll show you five of the most popular beers in Toronto and what makes them among some of the best.


Budweiser is a classic American-style pale lager and known as Canada’s favourite beer. Introduced in 1876, Budweiser has become one of the largest selling beers in the world, available in over 80 markets globally. This well-respected brew is produced by Anheuser-Busch InBev, which owns 28% of the market share making it the world’s largest brewer. Known for its light and smooth flavour, Budweiser couples perfectly with any meal, especially pub grub, burgers, and mouth-watering BBQ dishes.

Molson Canadian

Showcasing the Canadian flag as the logo and quickly becoming one of Canada’s most beloved beers, is Molson Canadian. Introduced in 1959, this 5% abv pale lager is brewed by the Molson Coors Brewing Company – the world’s seventh largest brewer. Made from Canadian water, prairie barley, and no preservatives, this beer is crisp and refreshing, making it an excellent sidekick to your favourite meal or perfect on its own.


Seen in bars and restaurants all across Toronto is Canada’s oldest independent brewery’s flagship beer – Moosehead. Founded in 1867, Moosehead Breweries Limited is the largest fully Canadian-owned brewer. Made right in Saint John, New Brunswick, Moosehead is a true Canadian success story. Decorated with a number of worthy awards, Moosehead Lager has won Gold in a variety of competitions like the Canadian Brewing Awards. This golden, refreshing lager is 100% Canadian brewed with all Canadian ingredients that are cool-fermented and cold-aged to give it it’s smooth flavour.

Mill Street

Toronto’s very own pride, Mill Street, has quickly risen to one of Canada’s favourite beers. Founded in 2002 right in Toronto’s Distillery District, Mill Street first launched their Organic Lager, the first ever organic beer brewed in Ontario. Gaining immediate popularity, the Organic lager’s success lead to the launch of a variety of flavour-forward brews, expanding to over 60 unique beers. Winning over 100 awards, it was hard not to get noticed, and Mill Street was soon bought by Labatt Brewing Company, which is owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev.


Still, the most popular imported beer in Ontario is Mexico’s Corona. Torontonians love the light and refreshing beer served with a lime wedge. Well known for being a “beach” summer beer, Corona is actually perfect no matter what the weathers like, making this pale lager one of the top-selling beers worldwide.

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