What Makes Good Southern BBQ?

You don’t have to live in the deep south to enjoy some of the best Southern BBQ there is. At Rally Sports Bar and Smokehouse, you can uncover all your favourite tantalizing BBQ meats cooked to perfection and served up with your favourite sides that truly honour the southern tradition of barbeque. When it comes to making really good southern BBQ, we know the formula – a little secret we don’t mind sharing with you right here!


Sweet and Smokey Sauce

You can’t master southern BBQ without mastering the sauce. And the only barbecue sauce you will ever need is right here at Rally’s. We have our own tangy, sweet and perfectly spiced flavours that compliment all our meat specialties. The rich flavours elevate the barbecue meat, leaving your taste buds singing and adding something special to every bite.


Smoked Ribs

Let’s face it – southern BBQ isn’t southern BBQ if ribs aren’t on the menu. It’s a crowd pleaser and for good reason – tender, lean cuts of meat that fall right off the bone with every bite. It’s hard to pass up these meat lover favourites, especially when they are thrown into a wood burning BBQ to create that perfect smoky, sticky glaze.


Wood Burning BBQ

Nothing tops using a wood burning BBQ to help slow cook the meat, and provide that slight charred perfection. At Rally, we smoke our meat for 2 to 12 hours in our wood-burning oven to ensure you get the best BBQ goodness, this side of the border.

Plus, we smoke lots of our other ingredients and menu items to give that traditional southern BBQ taste and feel in many of our dishes.


Tender, Succulent Meat

Southern BBQ is all about the tender, juicy and melt-in-your mouth meat. From the ribs, smoked brisket, and burgers, to the pulled pork and southwest chicken – we pride ourselves on serving nothing but quality, finger licking goodness.


Sides You Can’t Forget

When it comes to putting the finishing touches on the perfect Southern BBQ, you can’t forget the coleslaw and baked beans. These two items are a staple to southern cooking. The coleslaw is a traditional southern side dish that provides the perfect combination of tangy flavours needed to make a great barbecue.  And another must is the baked beans – thick, rich, and saucy, provide a smoky flavour that pairs perfectly with your main.

Southern BBQ is an art form – it takes time, skill and a little magic. No matter how you like to enjoy your barbequed, our recipe is guaranteed to satisfy all of your BBQ cravings.

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