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If there’s one thing that we Canadians love – it’s good craft beer. And Mill Street Beer has become one of Toronto’s premier craft brew kings. Since the brewery was established back in 2002 in Toronto’s historic Distillery District, it took little time to rise to the top as the first organic lager brewed right here in Ontario. With their Earth-friendly philosophy, they’ve since taken the nation by storm, opening up brewpubs and serving Canadians all across the country.

With their fresh, crisp, and natural flavours, they’ve continued to serve us with top-notch craft beers that include over 60 different unique beers! It’s really no surprise that they’ve earned well over 100 awards, including the 3-time Canadian Brewery of the Year award.

We here at Rally’s Sports Bar & Smokehouse love our beer and take pride in our Canadian craft brew roots. That’s why adding Mill Street beer to our beer menu was a no-brainer. We know what Canadians want and we’re here to serve it! That’s why we don’t just offer one Mill Street beer, but four different types:

  • Mill Street Organic
  • Mill Street Tankhouse
  • Mill Street Stock Ale
  • Mill Street 100th Meridian

 The original organic lager is crisp and refreshing, with a light but malty flavour. Mill Street Tankhouse is a full-bodied, medium Canadian Pale Ale with a complex malty texture. The Stock Ale is perfectly balanced and made export-style. Finally we have 100th Meridian, a sweet organic amber lager with a caramel malt palate.

 Rally Sports Bar Beer & Liquor Menu

We’ve hand picked these four to provide our customers with a diverse range to choose from. And on top of our crafts brews, we offer an extensive list of other beers – domestic, premium, and imported.

Not a fan of beer? No problem! We’ve got a fully stocked bar that you or your guests can select from, including coolers, tequila, whiskey, vodka, cognac, brandy, gin, and rum. We’ve also got cocktails that we can shake up and stir to satisfy your taste buds.

When you need a night out with the guys, want to take in the game, or need the perfect spot to take the family – head to Rally’s where we’ve got everything you need. With an extensive menu for both food and drinks, along with specials that you can take advantage of every day of the week – we guarantee that you’ll leave here feeling satisfied.


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